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What's for breakfast....? - I Love Greens - I Love Greens

What’s for breakfast….?

3rd August 2013

As you’ve probably noticed I harp on a lot (among other things!) about eating breakfast.  There’s a number of reason for that; firstly people who eat breakfast lose more weight and manage to maintain weight more effectively than those who skip the first meal of the day.  If you think about it, by eating ‘break-fast’ you are  you are effectively ‘breaking-the-fast’ and kick starting metabolism and then there’s the fact that you’re less likely to be ravenous come mid-morning and will make better choices for a snack or lunch.  Secondly, children who eat breakfast have been found to have improved concentration levels which, not only make the life of the hard working teacher easier, but improve your child’s chances of academic success.

But one of the most popular questions I get asked is ‘what should I eat for breakfast?’  Now firstly you’ve got to enjoy what you’re eating but that’s not to say we can’t train our bodies to enjoy more wholesome food (see my previous post “Food Hates? It’s All in Your Head…“).  Secondly your breakfast choice has got to work for you in terms of time and lifestyle, but again, with a little bit of prioritisation (and maybe 5 minutes less in bed – shock horror!) you’ll be surprised as to what kind of feast you can achieve before 9 am.!

My ideal breakfast is heavy on the protein, so my recommendation is eggs!  Poached, scrambled, fried (occasionally), omelette, sliced or diced – whatever takes your fancy.  It takes minutes to scramble a few eggs, mixed with some chopped peppers and tomatoes, and the feeling that you get when you’ve had a decent breakfast before stepping out into the day is something everything should experience (think relaxing hotel breakfast).

But if eggs are not your things, or you like to mix it up a bit (which is always a good idea when selecting meals) what are your other options?

Well you could try some no-added sugar muesli (and look for one with a lower fruit content to keep those fruit sugars down too) add some chopped fruit and seeds and then a couple of dollops of Greek yoghurt.  Now why Greek yoghurt?  Well look at the comparison chart below.

  Calories per 100g Carbs (g) Protein (g) Fat (g)
Semi-skimmed pasteurised milk 46 4.7 (36%) 3.5 (30%) 1.7 (33%)
Low fat plain yogurt 56 7.5 (50%) 4.8 (34%) 1 (16%)
Low fat plain Greek yoghurt 59 3.6 (25%) 10.2 (69%) 0.4 (6%)

If you want sustained energy release throughout the morning you want to look for a good source of protein, and as you can see here, Greek yoghurt is by far the best choice.

I’ve also come across a new brand of smoothie blends which you make up at home. They are 100% natural and don’t contain any nasties.  I’m going to be trialling them in the coming weeks so keep an eye out for my review.  In the meantime it’s really easy to knock up a breakfast smoothie, making sure you include some ground seeds for those essential fatty acids, a good source of protein and also some seasonal fruit.  For extra protein boost you can mix in some unflavoured whey powder.

So what’s your breakfast of choice – come on, impress me!  Share your breakfast ideas on twitter and Facebook

ilovegreens :-)

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