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New testimonial…

15th July 2013

There’s nothing better than getting good feedback from clients, so I’d like to share a letter I recently received from a client.

Dear Nicola

I feel compelled to write and tell you the difference in my daughter Ps’ wellbeing since you our visit to you.

From infancy, P has always suffered with eczema, mainly in the crooks of her elbows and the backs of her knees, but also quite severely on her hands as well.  From time to time it would become better or worse but never completely disappeared.  However, when she hit puberty her symptoms become much worse.  Her arms became completely covered in eczema and patches also began to develop on her torso and (to her complete horror) her face too.   This is tough for anyone to endure but particularly unbearable for a thirteen year old.  She spent the entire summer in a cardigan and shunned activities such as swimming and school games.

We paid several visits to our GP who prescribed steroid cream and when it became infected antibiotics.  They provided us with several different strengths of steroid creams and also large pots of emollient cream.  The suggestion was that the emollient should be applied six times a day to keep the eczema at bay, something which anyone would find difficult, but for a thirteen year old who just wants to be the same as anyone else, this was nigh on impossible.

I had known for some time that you were a nutritionist, but never thought you would be able help with P’s predicament.  It was quite by chance that one day we were chatting and you happened to mention how eczema was often a result of food intolerances.  We decided see what you suggested, feeling we had nothing to lose. Initially P undertook a wheat and dairy free diet for two weeks.  Immediately she noticed her skin becoming less itchy.  At the end of the two weeks we slowly re-introduced wheat, as you had advised us to and there was no worsening of her symptoms, continuing without any dairy products.

It is now six months later and P is a changed girl.  She has no eczema on her arms or hands at all.  She frequently wears sleeveless tops and enjoys swimming and all the normal activities a teenager should.  She recently commented on how she never thought her hands would ever look as good as they do now.

I therefore wanted to write to say a huge thank you from P and me.  Your diagnosis and treatment plan changed my daughters’ life, giving her so much more confidence.  She is now a normal carefree teenager.

Kind regards

N. Godwin

If you’d like to speak to us about how nutritional therapy can help you to look and feel your best  please contact us via email or telephone.

ilovegreens :-)

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