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Credit Crunch = Unhealthy Food

3rd October 2008

This week the charity Christians Against Poverty reported that in one in three people in the UK are eating less healthily than a year ago http://www.capuk.org/downloads/uk_turns_to_unhealthy_food.pdf. The survey showed that people are abandoning fresh and healthy produce in favour of processed food in order to save money.

This to me shows how uneducated we all are when it comes to shopping and cooking! We haven’t always had access to cheap processed foods, in the past it was careful shopping and planning that was used to save money. Unfortunately all the tips on how to avoid waste and make food go further, that used to be passed from Mother to Daughter, have been been forgotten over recent years and we’re no longer aware of how easy it is to save money on food! Look at the situation during the 2nd World War – there was no money, no food and yet people ate a well balanced and nutritious diet! Marguerite Patten, who was a food adviser to the government during the 2nd World War, makes some good points in this interview http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/magazine/7071501.stm

Perhaps it’s time to put a bit more effort into planning the weekly shop and finding interesting ways to use leftovers rather than take the easy option of cheap ready meal!


ilovegreens :-)

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