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  • The I Love Greens ‘morning after the night before’ feel good plan!

    8th December 2014

    So last night was great fun but today is another matter…staying in bed all day isn’t an option so here’s how to get through the day the I Love Greens way!

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  • The Morning After, Festive Feel Good Plan…

    So last night was great fun but today is another matter…staying in bed all day isn’t an option so here’s how to get through the day the I Love Greens way!

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  • Fabulous Foods for Breast Feeding…

    1st August 2013

    In honour of World Breast Feeding Week (1st – 7th August 2013) I thought I’d share an article I wrote for the Brentwood NCT newsletter last year…..

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  • Merry Christmas from I Love Greens!

    10th December 2012

    Hands up if on the opening of the first door on your advent calendar you turn into a food obsessed piggy (*hand sheepishly reaching upwards*). December is a month of over indulgence and who can blame us

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  • Food hates? It’s all in your head….

    10th August 2012

    What food do you really despise? What is it that turns your stomach? For me it’s bananas. It’s strange really because there are not many foods that I can’t tolerate. I might not really love Brussels sprouts but I can still eat a couple with any sudden urge to regurgitate (sorry if you’re eating your breakfast!).

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  • Why diets don’t work. But we still need to try…

    20th July 2012

    With the New Year resolutions looming I thought it might be a good idea to re-visit this blog post about diets from earlier this year……

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  • Let the sun shine….with vitamin D….

    20th February 2012

    If anyone were to ask me after 4 or so years of studying nutrition what my favourite vitamin is the answer would be easy – vitamin D. Now I know having a favourite vitamin (and in fact vitamin D isn’t actually a vitamin, but more on that later) is a bit geeky but let’s face it, that’s what I am!

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  • BBC says “Organic ‘has no health benefits’”…misreporting at its best

    30th July 2009

    This year’s award for the most misleading and misinformed headline surely must go to the BBC for their report on FSA research into the health benefits of organic food.  I read this yesterday and started making a list of points so as I could blog today.  This is what I came[...]

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  • Preventing eye disease with nutrition…

    9th June 2009

    http://bjo.bmj.com/cgi/content/abstract/bjo.2008.143412v1 http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/healthnews/5476304/Eating-fish-twice-a-week-can-help-prevent-eye-disease.html ilovegreens

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  • The sunshine vitamin strikes again…

    21st May 2009

    Levels of vitamin D were measured in 3,369 men aged 40 to 79 years from eight different european locations and the men then had then cognitive function assessed.  Those with lower levels of vitamin D showed poorer levels of cognitive function.  The researchers acknowledge that more research is needed, espeically into the mechanisms for this action, but the[...]

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