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  • The Best Home-Made Beef Burgers….

    17th January 2013

    Well I have to say I’m not entirely shocked at the news this week that burgers on sale in UK and Irish supermarkets contained up to 29% horse meat.

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  • Truths (not headlines) about the organic debate….

    5th September 2012

    There are numerous reasons as to why someone chooses to buy organic produce ranging from the belief that organic produce all round healthier, to concerns over farming practices and chemical exposure. For me personally it is a desire to reduce the toxic load on my body

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  • The butcher, the baker and…….the supermarket

    15th March 2012

    Billericay is lucky enough to have a fantastic butcher on the high street called Masons of Billericay. They source free range meat from local suppliers and even make their own sausages with 95% meat content. If you’re going to eat sausages this is the ONLY way to do it!

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  • BBC says “Organic ‘has no health benefits’”…misreporting at its best

    30th July 2009

    This year’s award for the most misleading and misinformed headline surely must go to the BBC for their report on FSA research into the health benefits of organic food.  I read this yesterday and started making a list of points so as I could blog today.  This is what I came[...]

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  • How to save money buying organic….

    13th October 2008

    It’s an unfortunate fact but as the credit crunch hits we have to make choices as to where our money is best spent.  At times like these buying organic may seem like a luxury, I know I’ve had to switch back to conventional products on certain items.  But this interesting[...]

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  • Local or Organic?

    4th October 2008

    I’ve just come back from a trip to the local farm shops and something occurred to me whilst I was searching the aisles for the brocolli……..is it more important to buy local, seasonal produce or organic from across the the world? Obviously there are some foods which we just cannot[...]

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