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  • Pregnancy diet linked to preterm delivery & above average birth weight

    5th March 2014

    Knowing that weight gain is inevitable during pregnancy (well you are growing another human!), it’s easy to slip into bad eating habits. The occasional treats often become daily ritual and it’s harder than ever to muster the energy to exercise!

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  • The Best Home-Made Beef Burgers….

    17th January 2013

    Well I have to say I’m not entirely shocked at the news this week that burgers on sale in UK and Irish supermarkets contained up to 29% horse meat.

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  • Truths (not headlines) about the organic debate….

    5th September 2012

    There are numerous reasons as to why someone chooses to buy organic produce ranging from the belief that organic produce all round healthier, to concerns over farming practices and chemical exposure. For me personally it is a desire to reduce the toxic load on my body

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  • The truth about sugar…

    15th June 2012

    Finally a programme on TV, reaching the mainstream explaining one, if not the, biggest food problem we have today – sugar consumption.

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  • BBC says “Organic ‘has no health benefits’”…misreporting at its best

    30th July 2009

    This year’s award for the most misleading and misinformed headline surely must go to the BBC for their report on FSA research into the health benefits of organic food.  I read this yesterday and started making a list of points so as I could blog today.  This is what I came[...]

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  • An egg a day……

    11th February 2009

    I’m really pleased that this story has come to light this week as it highlights a very popular nutritional myth.  Eggs have for a long time now been linked to increased cholesterol levels and so for many have have struck off the weekly shopping list – so long scrambled egg,[...]

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  • Meat raises prostate cancer risk – really?

    7th October 2008

    Today the BBC posted an article on their website entitled “Meat ‘ups prostate cancer risk’” http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/7655405.stm I am sure there are plenty of men out there with a family history of prostate cancer, who will be sitting there contemplating cutting out meat and dairy products from their diet. This in[...]

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