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  • Truths (not headlines) about the organic debate….

    5th September 2012

    There are numerous reasons as to why someone chooses to buy organic produce ranging from the belief that organic produce all round healthier, to concerns over farming practices and chemical exposure. For me personally it is a desire to reduce the toxic load on my body

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  • Why diets don’t work. But we still need to try…

    20th July 2012

    With the New Year resolutions looming I thought it might be a good idea to re-visit this blog post about diets from earlier this year……

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  • The truth about sugar…

    15th June 2012

    Finally a programme on TV, reaching the mainstream explaining one, if not the, biggest food problem we have today – sugar consumption.

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  • Let the sun shine….with vitamin D….

    20th February 2012

    If anyone were to ask me after 4 or so years of studying nutrition what my favourite vitamin is the answer would be easy – vitamin D. Now I know having a favourite vitamin (and in fact vitamin D isn’t actually a vitamin, but more on that later) is a bit geeky but let’s face it, that’s what I am!

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  • Lunchbox ham should be taken off the menu…

    17th August 2009

    Will add a comment later! http://www.wcrf-uk.org/audience/media/press_release.php?recid=71 ilovegreens

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  • Vitamin D – it’s not just for bones!

    23rd January 2009

    Ask most people why we need Vitamin D and most will say something about bones and calcium.  Although this is correct it ‘s becoming clear that vitamin D has many more uses in the body and we are only just scratching the surface.  It’s already been shown that vitamin D has an[...]

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  • Meat raises prostate cancer risk – really?

    7th October 2008

    Today the BBC posted an article on their website entitled “Meat ‘ups prostate cancer risk’” http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/7655405.stm I am sure there are plenty of men out there with a family history of prostate cancer, who will be sitting there contemplating cutting out meat and dairy products from their diet. This in[...]

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