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An egg a day……

11th February 2009

I’m really pleased that this story has come to light this week as it highlights a very popular nutritional myth.  Eggs have for a long time now been linked to increased cholesterol levels and so for many have have struck off the weekly shopping list – so long scrambled egg, the quick and easy omelet and of course the beloved egg and soldiers!

However, in recent years, research has found that eggs and other sources of dietary cholesterol have a limited effect on blood cholesterol.  In fact most of the cholesterol in our bodies is made by us – endogenous cholesterol  -and it is in fact the consumption of saturated fat that has the greatest effect on blood cholesterol.

So the good news is eggs are back on the menu - well those of the boiled and poached variety!  If you add butter or oil then you’re adding to the saturated fat!  And what’s more eggs are a complete protein – meaning they contain all the essential amino acids required by our bodies.  Add that to the fact that they are low in calories and contain vitamin D, vitamin A, many B vitamins and other essential minerals such as iron and zinc and you have the base for a perfect meal!

Gray J and Griffin B (2009) Eggs and dietary cholesterol – dispelling the myth Nutrition Bulletin 34(1) 66-70




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